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Hello, this is going to be my blog to post updates on current game projects, and just chatter on things I find interesting ( or am allowed to bring towards public, where I can't elsewhere. ).


Current Projects:

[Project: -QB-]

working progress 32

Status: Pre-Release
Fetishes: Slime, Tentacles, Parasites, Infestation, Transformation, Body control, Corruption
Backing behind the talented partnership of mo2 and S'Zira/S-Nina providing the visuals, this project is pretty much my 'Dream Game' come true.
Demo link

[Egg Assault]


Status: 3.2 (Alpha release, Beta content)
Fetishes: Bondage, Petrification, Transformation, Corruption
A 'Mini-game' that expanded into something of a full game over time. Pick a team of 3 and try to hold off the ever advancing waves till you lose...only to do it again with points to spend to better enhance your team!
The 3.0/3.2 OC Update
Guide towards the game

On Hold/Discontinued:

[Codename: -Progressive-]


Status: Discontinued
Fetishes: Living Suit, Latex, Transformation, Slime
Much of the current scripts and code used in such ended up highly buggy and unstable. Kept here as still an obtainable option for those who wish to poke at and see where this train got started from!
Old Version 0.3a
Last know build

[Tyamet Chapter: Assault on Yakuza Mansion]


Status: On Hold
Fetishes: Transformation, Petrification, Corruption, Slime, Doll
A side project that was developed once 'Codename' was starting to show signs of issues all around. This game's being worked on to soon be released for everyone waiting on codename. In the end got held up by design changes a plenty. Is now on hold till further notice.

Links to other sites of interest:
mo2's pixel art blog
A guy who enjoys doing Ryona animated pixel artwork of fighting game gals. Mostly uses Ingrid, Felicia, Q-Bee, and Roomi, so give him a peek if interested! He also did work on 'Girl vs Girl'!

こげさん's website
Just a good pal in general. REALLY enjoy his artwork! He's got a few OC's he's made over the years, and tend to be a big fan of Gardevoir and Vespiquen.

Erotan's Website
Maker of 'Girl vs. Girl', and MUGEN's well known 'Minotaur'. Rather fun guy to chat around with, and I assist from time to time.


Banners for this site. Use Freely. (Thank you MO2 for the animated banner!)

Current streaming status. You can watch me work live here:

...and in case anyone want's to support these games getting made, I've set up a donation button for Paypal. Sadly Paypal WILL zap anything less then $2 bucks in full thanks to their new fees for such, but anything past that only loses $2 bucks with a VERY tiny % on top of it ( in contrast, an $100 donation became $94 bucks [$2+$4 from %] ).


For those not wishing to use paypal, I also now have a patreon as well! I don't paywall anything, at worse you can get the 'working' files that the artist develop images for these games and view if you have the corresponding program. Otherwise any updates there happen here! So treat it as a monthly tipjar of funding I can use to help move stuff forward and keep myself afloat and less stressed filled!
You can visit it here!

I am also in the process of setting up a Subscribestar account ATM.

Topic : Hentai game
Genre : AdultContents

The end of 2018, the start of 2019

In some ways this last year was rather productive, and in others it was slogging past a lot of issues, but I figure a good round up of the stuff that did happen, and the stuff that's to come would help quell and answer a lot of peoples questions given my absence from posting here (I'll admit though not hiding, more say trying to find the words. I've been easy to catch via my Discord though along with the others working with me, so if you ever want more direct up to date stuff poking there's becoming the best way!). So without much fanfair, lets start off with what all did get done:

Vampire Lust
The big project me and NoPenNameGirl got everyone excited over. It's been a year of development thus far, and while we're making good strides in content development, a few bugs kept me from putting out a demo like I hoped. I went over the AI script last time, and that's still being worked on. I've decided to simplfy just how the foes work to put less strain in it, but I'm still trying to make adjustments with the 'Range' element to make that feel like it's something more interactive then 'just there'. Sadly this brings up the point of 'Big fish in small pond', mostly alluring towards when something goes wrong, I tend to be the -the guy- in my circle who's there to fix it, so when something I'm doing goes wrong, it really does fall onto me to 'fix it', but when you're the one with the problem, seeing the 'fix' is a lot harder then anyone would like to admit. I tried to pass my work towards some other devs to see if they could take a hand at fixing it, but given the amount of help I've been doing for's as expected that didn't end up with too much gained at the end run. Still, the current objective is just to cut back and trim the AI till it stops breaking on itself, and once done with that, release what we do have towards the public at last. If nothing else though while you guys still wait, as showing of the other work we've been doing I can tease and demostrate the battle animations, more less show a few of the other cut-in attacks and status we've shown on the Discord here:

Thanks towards NoPenNameGirl recording that (as I honestly don't have much video editing experience!) for making this, we can at least show off some direct gameplay and how the animations for the game will be working.

We've also been developing the new attacks for the girls made directly for our game. Most of what we had shown off and done up till now was making use of their already pre-made movesets from Vampire Savior onwards. These though were of our own creation making use of the tools they have towards them. The last one is going to be one of my favs as much like QJ, this wax attack (Named WJ), can both be used on foes...
...and on allys! Nothing like removing other debuffs and giving someone some extra defence like coating them in gloopy thick waxing! (The discord loved this idea so much though, I ended up doing a silly corruption take towards it I might as well share here as well. Don't expect -this- to make it into the game, at least not anytime -soon-...)waxedbeecandle.png

I'll end this segment off with some animations for their second super as well:
Hopefully this bug fixing will not last too much longer, but it is what it is, and as they say, better a good game late, then a bad game early.

Other Matters
Now for all of the other stuff that wasn't my own game dev, as I've been doing quite a bit there. From helping KeiWaza with his own game and PC stuff, towards working on more translation stuff, I've been keeping myself busy in some sort or fashion. A fair amount I've been asked not to talk about or share till further along, but I can at least let you guys know about one translation project I've been working on that'll be due for DLSite within the next month or two! For those of you who like YuGiOh, a JP friend of mine from pixiv, Shiki, has been working on CG sets of the gals from such getting corrupted by an assortment of cards from the games in creative ways. Their most recent series in development in turn takes this towards 11 as they have been taking suggestions from their fans for this newest collection of 30+ corruptions. I got to be part of the idea crafting, more less as the corruptions star their own custom cards at that, I figured I'd take a hand to translate them as well for a future US DLSite release!
So instead of getting cards like this...
...You get cards like this! I still need to adjust font sizes on a few of these, and do some last grammar/spelling passes, but overall about 40~ cards will be translated from JP -> EN using the 2018 YuGiOh formatting for card ability's and functions. I hope you all can look forward towards this one!

We've had a lot of chatter about bringing back Egg Assault, and thus far nothing's directly come out from such (We all agree that pushing VL out first is more important), but just as a small cliffnote of what's been discussed:
-We'll chances are drop the setting we had before hand. Eggman as a direct villain just limited a lot of what could be done for others, and was always more Croc's theme then anything else. We'll chances are make something a bit more open ended, much like how Codename:Progressive was being presented so long ago, and work with that.
-We'll chances are still have other gaming gals be involved, but there will be more OC's this time around.
-It'll chances are be a more sexual focused, then fetish focused take on things.
-It'll still have the core gameplay of "Make a team from a list, try to live as long as possible to earn points to make the next run go better", but you'll have an option to choose different 'tracks' for selective fetish concepts and ideas, instead of needing to get so far into the wave to start seeing the stuff you -want- to see.

The Discord's been bringing in a lot of artist and concepts where I think starting a Booru might be in order to help catalog and keep it all together. I'm just unsure if such an idea would be wise or not, as I can't say I've looked much into hosting/taking care of one yet, but it's something sitting on the table waiting for input.

Lastly, I do have...ONE gift to give, even if it's hyper late, and still rather buggy! I found what might as well be the last build of Codename:Progressive ever to be made. It's got some stuff in there that's still not working right, and the menu's going to break and fall apart, and battles are going to crash and the like. All showings of why I eventually dropped XP as I was trying to do too much within the limited systems, but here we go! I'll update the core post with this link soon enough, but I figured a lot would appreciate this little snippit when I was checking thumbdrives and happened to find this little relic. So happy holidays, Happy New Years, and let's see how well 2019 goes!

October Update and Apology

I had been holding back an update like this as I've been trying to push out this demo more and more....But time and time again is teaching me about "Don't give out dates, don't try to judge how much work is left".

Let me better explain myself:

-Last month many of you knew I was eagerly hoping to get Vampire Lust out the door before October. A nice pre-halloween release of sorts. NPNG finished all of the art assists, and even some extra before my end was even done, so this falls not on the artist, but on my own abilities.

-In lue of how much was left, I at first didn't forsee much more. Some more NPC's to add towards the HUB, a few events in the forest to do timings with, and finish the map pathings for the extra explorables, some deliberately unaccessable in the demo build. THis is where things started to go wrong, as I clearly misjudged how much would spiral before me.

-The first big issue was the battle system breaking. A few people who got to see the stream, and those who watched after that, got to see this first hand. At first I figured this was just a gaff on my end, I overwritten some newer code with some older by sheer mistake. As such the AI wasn't quite working 'correctly', and it wasn't causing the right KO's among other odd faults. I said this would be an 'easy' fix...I was wrong.

-Turns out the sheer complexity of some of the foes was getting the betterment of the AI system I was using, and I was just witnessing the strings starting to unravel. Shown here is just a simple snippit of a lot of the 'background' work that goes into making the AI work correctly, lots of double checking, pre-processing, making sure the target's in the right status to do the next attack, and it's all 'order of operations' so the highest command (when it's valid) will be used over any others (By adjusting TP usage and earnage as well, attacks only goes off of the foe has the TP to make use of it). When I only had about 100 or so lines of this stuff, it was fine....It's when I started crossing with foes with well over 500 lines like this I feel the games ability to keep 'reading' stuff starts to screw up with the baseline script I was provided with...

-The last part is my own crying shame, as I had been kinda noted on it's touchy nature in ProjectQB, but trying to do map tile events, via varables instead of sitting an event on each tile (The slime and liquid latex areas are good examples of this in action) broke on me as well working here. In ProjectQB, the leader is always a given no matter what. Q-Bee is forever your 'leader' as far as the game cares to keep track of such stats. In Vampire Lust though, I started doing stuff based off of who would be in the front of the team, checking to make sure when a player had someone out, it would adjust events around this. Three girls, at least 2 different cases, and with one situation (A mud pit), a 3rd on where you entered it with the wrong person, tried to swap towards the 'correct' one, but because they where already muddy, you just had to work with what you already had. This in turn caused that to just backfire timing wise, and the script just would cause really weird odditys.

-Last 2-3 weeks as been me trying to debug both of these elements, and as such not making any real progress. Along with the extra stress of some IRL matters, among the month passing me by with people both eager to see this, and others quite free to be displeased with someone with the working speed of a mule when stuff like this -breaks-, the stress has been building up on a passive level, and it all kinda came ahead a few days ago where I ended up outright bluescreening my PC while working (One of the RAM chips I've had started to go faulty. It's been replaced thanks towards S'Zira though) and I kinda just broke down a bit myself.

It's hard for me at these times to admit that while yeah, I've got some level of skill, enough to pull off these games and the like, when I hit my own errors and faults, it's where things become slower then tar on progress as my ability to fix the higher end levels of issues is FAR more slower and tedious. When it's just events outright being faulty, that's normally one thing. Sit down, redo some timing and placement, that tends to fix that out. When it's on the script level though...I don't know how many people recalled last year when the battler script ended up breaking hard on me, and it took me well over 8 months to find the fault and at last fix it so that the game itself crashing on repeated battles wouldn't happen. 8 months of not really advancing on anything else. 8 months of slowly and near mindlessly testing stuff in the hopes that this time I found the flaw roosted in this Ruby stringed mess. I don't want to say this would take this long, but I've already screwed up 2 dates before hand, and I'm not going to give out a third when stuff like this is screwing up before me.

So my plan is to first...Just take a break. I need to clear my head, not banging it on this matter, and come back clear minded to better look at whats wrong and how. Then, I'll be taking the time to solve and fix these issues one by one, trying to give updates when they happen and I'm more successful getting all of this out the door. If this means people are figuring "You missed 2 deadlines, and now you're unsure of when it'll come out?" kills any trust that I had, sadly that's...just going to be how it is. I can't sit here and lie though, and digging myself deep to try to untangle this mess hasn't gotten me any closer with how fast the days have ticked by ether. So I'm biting the bullet, admitting m faults, and putting this out there for everyone to see and understand what's going on. I'm sorry for disappointing many of you, including those who keep supporting us. All I can say is that NPNG's at least going to keep working on art assists, given we already finalized what all we are going to do with the game material wise, so they'll still be updates in the WIP chatter of the Discord if nothing else.

September Update and News

First off, let me start off by saying there are times when even I get easly distracted and off track.
...With that said, I can also say the PC porting for MH: World is, while not the -best- porting Job from Capcom (God Bless DMC 4), it's still a rather stand out one with only a few quirks they've been ironing out.

...Yet I'd say this play time, within a month's time of owning it mind you, is chances are a VERY GOOD EXAMPLE of why I'm having to apologize because at times where I could have sat down and gotten work done...I was hunting a hole slew of wild life to slap onto my back and turn into spears.
...At least it was very good Spears and armor! :'D

On that note, this is running on less than stellar hardware, but I've got a rather stable 30fps at 1080p, and if I went for likes 720p I would actually got more around 60fps.

So what's there to note given last month was a pretty large freaking dud on my end? Well me and NPNG has been working hard on the last of the artwork stuff, and because of my stalling, even got some sneeky peeky elements we're going to squeeze in this month for you guys for the first build of this to go live. Beyond that, work on the intro cenamatic, and some fiddling around with the final few screens that needed some touch ups (Shown here being Saving/Loading) to make them -NOT- RPG Maker default has been taken into account.

With that....Final words: The gameplan is this month Vampire Lust. No if's, and's, or BUT's about it! If I somehow fail at this objective, I think I'll just noose myself and let that be that :'D There's some other stuff I've been jamming with others and assisting with in the background, but at these stages I'm not allowed to speak on anything concurrently. When stuff can go more public, I'll let you guys know, but I am assisting a few other stuff getting off the ground. ;3 If people need to yell at me, ether her or more directly at my Discord, because I've been dragging my feet on this matter, you're more then free to do such! Otherwise I'll be keeping people informed like always more directly on the Discord, with the Monthly updates here!

August Update and News

Been a bit since I've posted here, and chances are for good reason at that: Most of my now 'by the hour' updates and news reports now happens at my Discord channel that is free for public entry and the like. If people want to stay on touch on the action as it happens, that's a great place to come on in, interact with the rest of the community, and see the 'magic' happen. But I still said I would keep updating here, and in earnest doing more monthly, or bi-weekly for more active times sounds best to catalog all that's happened in an easy to digest spot.

So let's start off with the big news, Vampire Lust:

Works been going on pretty strongly between me and NPNG. From filling out maps, towards cataloging events, a ton of text written up and being passed back and forth to check on clarity and the general feel we want each gal to have. The progress towards at last a fully playable build of the game draws closer and closer, and I'm VERY excited to at last let you guys have at it and give us your input on everything directly! We still have a few more things to finish up (notably, the final assists for the forest maps, more less finish NPC dialog and input. We're also questioning about adding an extra event into the game earlier then intended.), but a lot of the hardest parts are now behind us, it's just the raw grunt work now. =3=
On the note of environments though, NPNG's gone well above and beyond in this element! Most of the maps are all using custom assists so I really have to put a larger spotlight onto this matter as it's not something my other pojects have had the advantage of (ProjectQB being the only other example thus far, and even then not quite towards the degree shown here!).
...As a final sneak peek, I doubt anyone would question it, but there'll be some cameo's from the rest of the Darkstalker/Vampire cast, and not all of them for the best...

Beyond that, thanks towards the support of a few select people, I'm now the proud owner of Pixel Game Maker MV, another one of Enterbrain's Game Maker's that just hit public release. I had already seen a few Japanese devs dabble with it, poking my own interest...
....let's just say that my interest was fully realized when even with my at best 2 hour exposer with the program, I could get a VERY basic corruption element going on with some sitting around assists. ;3 Obviously, a direct game made with this is a long ways off, I've got other matters to tend towards first, yet this IS very much a system I can craft QUITE the lewd corruption platformer if given enough time!

On ProjectQB's end of things, MO2's been taking it rather slow, as work on his game right now is taking major focus. That still doesn't mean though i wasn't able to poke him to get -SOME- progress done though. So meet the 3rd out of 4 characters that'll be usable, NiGHTS! You might recall them from much older builds when Lexi was doing the pixel artwork as an assistance, so it'll be nice to have them readded with MO2's full blessing behind it =3=

...Also many of you might recall KeiWaza had made a game a while back that I assisted with. You might have noticed after a long time he's started work on a 'remake' of that game in turn. You then chances are wouldn't be too surprised to know I've been assiting him along the way, and offering many a tip and trick as we've been working on RPG Maker MV, and in turn the stuff I've been using the help him, I'll chances are put towards good use myself in due time.

Otherwise I'm getting back into the swing of things with Streaming on Picatio.TV, so do keep your eyes peeled for more of that in the coming weeks! With other support ensuring I have a year of subscription towards it, even if you miss the work live, you can catch recordings of it on my page now just the same!

Current Plans:
-Finish and Release "Vampire Lust Demo1: The Forest" this month
-Work with MO2 more on finishing ProjectQB's last 2 cast members and at last doing foe sprites
-Work at learning Pixel Game Maker MV's ins and outs and maybe develop a test game out of it

Project: -QB- The Arina Update

Arina Update

It's here at last!

Ohoooo~! Man oh MAN has this been something in waiting for a while, but I'm at last happy to get out towards you guys after long last! but after numerous delays, catching a fault in some scripting logic, and sneaking in a few extra goodies I chances are -shouldn't- have, this update is at last live and ready for your enjoyment!

So what all exactly -is- in this update by chance then?

-A new playable heroine to rescue, Arina Makihara, is waiting to be found and join your team along with Roomi. Coming from Waku Waku 7, another Sunsoft fighter, she fits in rather well as a semi forgotten fighter gal.

-A new function for heroine units (currently excluding the Queen herself). You can learn more about this little tidbit by finding a heroine before destroying the crystal in the location they are in, and then destroying it after.

-Some general balancing of things including giving the Mimic Walls a new graphic effects of where one is located BEFORE you run into them. Keep your eyes peeled for oddity, as it's not blatantly obvious! Beyond that some maps have less foes then before to make navigation a -little- easier.

-There's been some updates towards the GAME OVER's, including new artwork for the latex GAME OVER, but they will chances are get one more pass over to give them more length with a co-op writer in short time. There is also a hidden game over event located somewhere, try to find it if you can!

Admittedly, what you do -not- get in this update is any new status effects Though one is teased at nor any new locations to explore. The maps also haven't been updated for the 'large' sprites as MO2 is still unsure on how he wishes to move forward with this element. For some people the lack of any new foes, and the lack of any new attacks to undergo might be a bit of a bummer, but I do hope the extras I put time into implementing help make up for this in a few ways!

So, here's the big Q&A time:

Why was this delayed for so long?
A lot of things kinda back to back in earnest. Many of you know a few months ago my previous PC just clunked out on me. Motherboard failure, no BIOS functions to speak of. Doing this timeframe I was on a last legs laptop I fiddled around to get working, till S'Zira (bless their soul) built and shipped me a new one. With this new PC in tow, work went back up, though MO2 himself has been busy with his current card battler game. It took about 6 months on and off for these Arina Sprites to at last get finished in full, and doing my downtime I had him sneak in one more thing to impermanent as a 'sorry for waiting for so long'. The last big crutch though came with the script I've been using freaking out at the -MASSIVE- note area I've been building up. Figuring out -why- this was breaking it, and then trying to solve this without having to rework everything else was about a 3 week on and off headache that I a day before release only just got solved. Thankfully though, with that ironed out, we'll have the alst of 'fatal bugs' in all of these games. (Oh do I pray!)

Why only 'side' content and so little direct?
As I brought up before, due towards MO2 himself taking a long length of time just getting Arina done, it's been hard to try to shoot for more content to get forward, when it would mean even -more- time for the last two playable to even get into a finished and usable status. Thankfully, once MO2 finishes his current game project, this should give him more time to sit down and finish matters to get Project QB at last be 'Done and Done' in fullest.

Why Project QB and not say Roxi and Zetta or Vampire Lust?
Vampire Lust is in due time, and NPNG and I are both ensuring this has our best foot forward out the door. I've up till now been working with 'What I've gotten' from many artist, and while that's worked, NPNG kinda wants Vampire Lust to show that, the Patreon support so many are pooling into? It's been funding some GREAT things happening. It's best though that we show that directly towards you guys then trying to keep saying it. I can say though that there's not much left. A road map is to finalize the HUB and the living area, To decide on what 'extras' we'll sneak in now to show off that "While you can't do/get that now, you'll come back and do it later" that we'll be having in the game, more less some fine tuning for the leveling as NPNG has a clear goal on level objectives, it's just making sure in a single playing you can feel like you didn't have to grind to reach those and be at a good fit for the first boss.

Overall though, getting tis out has helped me fix an issue that was underlying, and up till now not yet caught, and I think still will give you some stuff to enjoy playing around with till our most substantial project comes to life! Thanks towards everyone up till now for the support and well wishes. I'm sorry I've not been as active on the blog as I should have been. Though for those who want to interact more directly with me, and the rest of my 'Staff' I've kinda built up now, you guys can always join my patreon by this link!

EDIT: There was some bugs once, they are fixed now. Reasons for updating is as follows:

-Arina apparently REALLY loved to keep her ass out front! Fixed her buffs/debuffs from lasting after battle!

-Roomi's apparently playing pretend and thinks she's immune to everything, even though she's not. Fixed graphics not displaying with Roomi when applied status effects.

-Drones, once something special starting to be used, became ethereal and would leave this plane of life before any corruption would meet them. Fixed Drones suddenly vanishing from your inventory and team in selective cases.

-A single lone box in the middle of the latex pools was going retro this entire time. Replaced a single mapcell to fit the new and not old style.


I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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